Bright Claire Anarchia „Clara”

… one of the best dogs in the world …

19th of October 2010 – 24th of January 2017

I will never accept how my special girl left us. It was so sudden and painful forever…

Sim-Son’s Bajazzo „Zozo”

9th of December 2008 – 27th of January 2016

(he was poisoned)

Beauty in Black from the Devil’s Advocate „Panni”

12th of December 2002 – 8th of February 2013

(died in cancer)

Sim-Son’s Astoria „Lili”

2nd December 2006 – 29th of November 2011

(died in an accident)

Little-White Bella „Lilla”

16th of July 1991 – 23rd June 2002


1991 – 20th of October 2010